Binahong Soap Bar & Acne Scar Serum

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya pernah janji di Instagram bahwa saya akan mengulas produk terbaru yang saya beli dari Shoppasoap yaitu acne scar serum sama binahong soap bar. Tapi karena kesibukan jadinya agak lama bikin tulisannya. Tapi kayaknya akan semakin bagus karena saya jadi punya spare waktu banyak untuk lihat hasilnya. Hehe.

Saya beli lagi produk Shoppasoap karena impressed sekali dengan acne oil-nya. Selain jerawat, kulit wajah saya juga banyak memiliki noda dan luka bekas jerawat. Nah, saya lihat Shoppasoap memiliki produk untuk bekas luka. Tapi, kalau tidak salah, Shoppasoap memang mengklaim bahwa acne scar serumnya bisa untuk menyamarkan noda merah atau hitam bekas jerawat, bukan untuk menyamarkan luka. Beda lho ya antara noda dan luka. Menyembuhkan luka bopeng memang susah, kecuali dioperasi atau dilaser.

Oke, jadi ekspektasi saya pun tidak tinggi. Saya memiliki beberapa noda merah dan hitam. Saya pakai acne scar serumnya di malam hari sebelum tidur atau di pagi hari sebe…

Natural Handmade Soap. Is It Gimmick?

I like handmade and natural thing. I appreciate all things made by hand because, in my opinion, it takes a lot of effort, quality and passion to create it. And I like natural thing because I believe nature provide us a medicine for every health problem. For an example, we can use lemon, honey, aloe vera or green tea to prevent acne.

I love using natural product for my bath time. Natural handmade soap usually free from sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial coloring and artificial perfume. It contains of coconut milk, coconut oil and distilled water to purify water. Purified water can increase the quality and lifespan of beauty product. If it is not purified, it sometimes become the culprit of skin irritation or other skin problems.

I've tried three soap bar from Indonesian brand Kippabuw, Seven Cactus and Germany brand Savon Vivere. Every soap has its pros and cons. For an example, rose soap from Savon Viver is more long lasting rather than the others, and the rose scent is strong thou…

Miss V Needs Attention Too!

Vagina is very tricky. It really complicated, humid and sensitive. If we mistreat it once, the impacts are annoying such as bad odor, itchy or we might get infection!

On April 8, I attended the press conference of Lactacyd Herbal. I was invited by my friend. Lactacyd is an international brand for feminine hygiene wash. I knew that this female part needs special treatment since it has specific pH. The pH imbalance can be caused by synthetic underwear, skinny or too tight jeans, daily use of panty liners, an intense sexual activity, perfumed toilet paper and stress.

Lactacyd's PR gave me the product for me to try. At first I was hesitated because I was afraid that this feminine hygiene will cause urinary tract infection. But as they claim, Lactacyd Herbal will help vagina to balance the pH, kill the bad bacteria and keep the good one like lactobacillus. So it should not cause any infection then.

There is three main ingredients that they highlight. They are rose flower, betel leaf an…

Acne Oil by Shoppasoap | Is It Magic?

On Instagram, there is a brand who is claim that every ingredients of their brand are natural and handmade process. No paraben, no chemical things. The testimonials from their clients are phenomenal! They say that they can see the result within a days. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, redness, scars, you name it.. the results are great! Most of them are healed. Wait until you see the screen capture from messenger about client's positive testimony. 

I am triggered and it piqued my curiosity. Because of Mineral Botanica Acne Serum doesn't work really that well, I decide to buy Acne Oil by Shoppasoap. The texture is kind of thick and it smell reminds me of herbal scent. I put it on the acne area before I sleep. I don't recommend to use it on daylight because this acne oil doesn't absorb easily to the skin so it will be greasy. You don't want your make up be messy, do you?

And all my acnes are diminished and red spots are fading. It is not entirely vanished but it does work wel…

Mineral Botanica Acne Serum

Several years ago, I never heard the word 'serum'. I did not have any idea about it. But now I put serum in my skin regime. Since I am a big believer, I am sure that serum can treat my skin problems. Serum has smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin. And it delivers a very high concentration of active ingredients. So it is kinda magic in the teeny-tiny bottle!

There is a lot of serum in the market. I carefully choose them because most of their price are expensive. Then I chose Mineral Botanica Acne Serum, an indie nature friendly make up brand. First, I did research on it to find review how good is this product. Some people are impressed and got a good effect. Well, I decided to give it a try. The price is still affordable though, it is around Rp80.000.

I put Mineral Botanica Acne Serum after I double cleanse my face, right before I put moisturizer, in every morning (because vitamin C works best in daylight!). I like the texture, it is light, not sticky and i…